Purchasing Prints - digital and originals available

The images shown here have each been digitally refined to the highest quality standards.

We offer archival digital prints suitable for exhibition in commercial environments and home decor.
Let us know your size requirements and any other specifications you have in mind, and
we will provide a quote right away and help you place your order.

On Line Store

We are please to offer much of the content on this site through our on-line store, in partnership with Imagekind
Follow the link below to review the content that has been digitally mastered.
Should yo be interested in an image on this site not yet been digitally mastered,
you can place your order for that image by special request.

Our store has excellent tools for frame design,
you can order either print in a variety of media or complete with archival framing

San Francisco Images On-Line Galleries - hand-tinted history

Payment and Terms

We except payment by paypal, check or cash
Applications for open accounts are welcome

California Sales Tax is additional for orders delivered or picked up in California

You may pick up your order from San Francisco Custom Framing shop by appointment in San Francisco

We ship worldwide via USPS, FedX, local messenger or,


Printing Types Available
Our prints can be custom made in any size that you require and on any currently available media, photographic or architectural.

We print in-house with an archival giclee print from HP Z3200PS which produces photographic type prints in
glossy or luster surface. If you prefer he LightJet printer, we are happy to make you order using this technology instead.
Studio prints are available signed and numbers,
Vintage and Original Prints
We collect rare and vintage albumen, silver prints and other rare historical memorabilia.
Some of these prints are available from time to time. Let us know f you interest

Original photography and hand-tinted images by Bennett Hall, Vintage historical prints,
collectable one-of-kinds, or artist proofs are also available

Select from our studio collection of
one-of-a-kind pieces of artist proofs and studio samples at our Worldwide Archive Shop.

Custom framing services is also available through our San Francisco shop, Eco-Framing

Signage, caption cards, plagues and special copywriting services for exhibits are available on request


Consulting & Business Services.
We provide full-service program which includes on-site design services for hotels, hospitals, enterprise, and government facilities.
Local clients include the Palace Hotel, the San Francisco Bay Club, Momos, Omni Hotel, Hills Bros. Coffee, and the US District Courts
Please visit our parent company Business Image Group for more information


Resellers Welcome
Do you have a retail store that may benefit from providing quality San Francisco images to your customers?
Let us know your needs and we will create a program especially for your store.
We have many items available for consignment to selected retailers.

Use of Content

Commercial Use of Content .
We welcome your requests for the use of our content for your projects..
Fees for use of our content vary with your use, the content requested and services required.
Let us know your requirements and we will provide a quote. We will also consider cross-promotional exchanges.

Please note that it is NOT OK to use pictures found on this website for
commercial or promotional purposes of any kind without our prior approval.

Use of content by Non-profit organizations
We are open to providing our content found to non-profit organizations at special rates.
However, this must be approved in advance./
Please submit your request indicating the use and the content you are interested in.
Appropriate credit and links to our site is required.

Personal Use of Content
It is OK to use pictures from this site for personal purposes ONLY, such as a blog or personal webpage.
HOWEVER - PLEASE do us the courtesy of including linking the image
back to you site and providing an appropriate photo-credit, for each image you use on your site.

We went to a lot of effort and expense to create this content, therefore we ask that you respect this should you 'borrow" our content.
We enjoy seeing interesting uses of our content, so send us a link if you think we may enjoy what you have done.
But, remember the credit us and link to our site.


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