President's Ball honoring Franklin Delenor Roosevelt, Fox Theatre, January 30, 1935

The Fox Theatre, 1929 to 1963, held 5,000 seats and occupied the entire city block bounded by Market, Hayes and Polk Street. The enormous auditorium spanned 212 feet from screen to projectors. The stage was 75 feet wide, 43 feet deep and 110 feet from floor to dome.


Transamerica Pyramid under construction 1972
600 Montgomery Street - Financial District

Designed by architect William Pereira, the 48-story Pyramid is the tallest building in San Francisco. Originally designed to be 1,150 feet tall, the building was lowered to 853 feet due to protests against changing the City skyline dramatically. Its slender, pyramidal configuration allows more light to reach the street than a conventional, box-like building design.


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Transamerica Pyramid Under Construction, 1970 - 1972



Golden Gate Expo from Twin Peaks, 1939


Aerial of San Francisco, 1949


Aerial of San Francisco, 1950


Panorama of San Francisco 1915

Viewing North from the top of the Call Building from the Fairmont Hotel on
Nob Hill toward Ferry Building over the roof of the Palace hotel on the right

San Francisco Birdseye View published July 1864

Entered according to the act of congress in the year on 18xx by Robinson & Snow in the clerks office of the US District Court

With the growth in population, The city of SF was incorporated in May of 1850; six years later it would be consolidated with the county to become the City and County of SF (to be governed by a Mayor and Board of Supervisors).

San Francisco viewing West 1876, sketched by C. R. Parsons

From Hunters Point to Rincon Hill, around to Telegraph Hill (right center) and westward to the Golden Gate, this print illustrates the close affinity of T Hill people and the maritime world. At their doos\rstep, in theharbor and at the docks, were ships from all over the world disgorging cargoes into the warehouses of commission merchants and providing employment for sailors, stevedores, warehouse laborers and craftsmen, many of whom lived on T Hill.



USS California


Wounded Sailors Returning Home, 1945


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