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Playland-at-the-Beach 1928-1972

Overview of Ocean Beach and Playland at the Beach, c1920

Where Golden gate Park meets the beach

Playland at the Beach

Playland-at-the-Beach was similar to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It was San Francisco's amusement park located by Ocean Beach. George Whitney and his brother Leo owned Playland and operated it for over 40 years. After George's death Playland was sold to Jeremy Ets-Hokin (a millionaire developer). Playland was torn down in 1972 and now the property is occupied with condominiums.

The Big Dipper opened in 1922 at Chutes at the Beach Park (later known as Playland at the Beach), San Francisco, CA. It was designed by Arthur Looff and lasted 33 years, closing in 1955.


The Crazy House, Chutes-at-the-Beach, c. 1924

This 10-acre seaside amusement park located next to Ocean Beach became Playland-at-the-Beach in 1928 when purchased by George Whitney. The Crazy House, erected in 1923, was one of the most popular attractions featuring a mirror maze, air jets, rickety catwalks, steep and winding staircases, and a 200-foot indoor slide.

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