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Bush Street viewing East 1905


Montgomery Street from Market Street, 1877


Hibernia Bank Building, at Jones and Market Streets, c. 1920

Completed in 1892, this building housed the Hibernia Bank, which was founded in 1859. It was designed in the beaux-Arts tradition by Albert Pissis, and was considered the most beautiful building in the City. It has a gilt copper dome over a circular portico entrance, with four Corinthian columns.

The bank was founded in 1859 as the Hibernia Savings and Loan Association, and was originally located on Market and Post Streets. For many years it was the only financial institution on Market Street.

It has a gilt copper dome surmounting a circular portico entrance, with four Corinthian columns. The floor of the portico is inlaid witha mosaic representing a mariner's compass card. The facade was originally gleaming white (now weathered grey). The interior has a vaulted dome of glass in the center. The ceilings are beautifully ornamented and tinted yellow and gold.

It is now the SFPD Tenderloin Task force




Montgomery and Market Street, c. 1909

Hibernia Bank building on left, Union Trust Company on right, flatiron Crocker Building, which was built in the late 1890s and survived the 1906 earthquake, stands at the intersection of Post, Montgomery and Market. The Palace Hotel at far end.

The recovery and rebuilding of the City afer the 1906 Earthquake occurred with great energy. Many buildings were rebuilt exactly as they had looked prior to the Earthquake, but in the same unimaginative grid patterns that were unsuited to the City's grace and aesthetics as promoted by the City Beautiful movement.



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